Pre-Insulated Pipes

Pre-insulated pipe production began in 2001 and has continued to grow to a now steady production of over 40,000 metres per year. These pipes are used throughout the Australian market and have even been exported overseas. Both the spiral wound cladding and foam injection occurs in our workshop.

Most of our pre-insulated pipe is manufactured with Australian formulated foam products. SA Insulation has been using the same supplier for over 15 yrs. with excellent results. Our Gusmer 20-35 and Cannon computer programmable automatic resin mixing and injection system ensures repeatable insulation product. The foam we supply has fire retardent added. We now supply P.I.R foam insulation which has passed all fire proof testing

Using Pre insulated pipes for your project has many advantages, not the least of which is the quite substantial cost saving.

Our Pre insulated pipes are already being used by leaders in their fields; from abattoirs to wineries and seafood processors and more.

Companies throughout Australia are choosing our product,

Why? Simply put, our products are of the highest standard.

Our Pre-insulated pipe and polyurethane injection products are recognized throughout the industry for quality and cost effectiveness.

As a result of many years of research and development our polyurethane injection system is of the highest quality and consistency, making our pre insulated products the best choice for your process product requiring controlled temperature levels Hot or Cold

Select your pre-insulated piping from an Australian company dedicated to supplying product of the highest quality and guaranteed satisfaction.

Pre insulated pipe can be produced in a number of different configurations depending on your requirements.

Casing options:

Depending on specifications and requirements outer casings can be produced in spirally wound metal in ether galvabond, colorbond, stainless steel or aluminum, for above ground applications.

For underground HDPE casings are used to eliminate corrosion.

Inner Pipe:

The inner process piping as specified ie. Copper, Stainless steel, rolled steel etc.

Customer option to supply inner carrier pipe or tube

Join Kits:

Field joints and fittings like elbows, reducers, and valves are carried out with high Pressure Injection machines which ensure uniform quality of foam/ density.

High Pressure injection ensures the pipe insulation and casing form an integral part of Seamless pipe insulation systems through uniform foam quality.

The high pressure machine injection ensures complete filling of irregular surfaces in places like Elbows, Reducers, Valves and Flanges compared to manual pouring method.

SA Insulation has available for both site and workshop installation a IR Snapshot model 525 infra-red camera system which is used as QA control of all foam insulation.

Advantages of pre-insulated pipes with polyurethane foam

With the insulation coupled with the robust outer casing giving compressive strength up to 275 kpa, pre-insulated pipe can be hung directly on its casing.

Retains shape with no damage to insulation, in spite of regular foot traffic resulting in lowered maintenance cost compared to conventional systems.

Water ingress is nil due to seamless insulation of closed cell, CFC free Polyurethane foam and watertight jacketing, which prevents corrosion of inside pipe in case of exposure to weather

Minimal insulation work in situ – Dependence on labour for site work is minimized. 

Lowered scaffolding costs, reduced time for installation, lowered error rate

Minimal costs of maintenance

Diffusion-resistant insulation = no cold bridges

Rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity and coefficient of expansion of all known insulating materials. Thus helping to save more energy compared to the commonly used insulation materials.

Polyurethane foam provides very good damping properties. It reduces noise considerably.

The polyurethane foam utilizes CFC free blowing agent

Pre-insulated pipes are designed exactly according to customer specifications for service pipe and outer sheathing. Furthermore we can offer a well-trained and experienced team for all insulation work in situ.

Continuous monitoring of all materials, the use of optimized manufacturing processes and a certified quality assurance system according to ISO 9001: 2015, guarantee our products to meet even the highest quality specifications.

All pipes have a quality control numbered tag attached referencing a register of:

  • Details of ambient foam temperature
  • Machinery gauge pressures
  • Date and time of production
  • Personnel involved
  • Testing regime
  • Weight Details