High Temperature Blankets

SA Insulation has the capacity to provide a professional supply and installation service of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation to boilers, furnaces, gensets and associated steam/water/exhaust pipe and fittings.  Our high quality products have led us to become a preferred supplier to many large industries including Power Generation, Marine, Mining and Defence.  SA Insulation is considered an industry authority in complex hot environment insulation solutions.  This service is particularly attractive to Designers and facilitators of Power Generation infrastructure and systems. 

Range of supply includes:

  • Synthetic mineral fibre insulation, in preformed pipe, to any pipe size and insulation thickness.
  • Thermobreak Tube and Sheet
  • Soundlag

All types of weatherproof and protective cladding materials from economical (interior suitable) aluminium foil facing to long lasting (exterior suitable) sheet metal cladding. 


Our custom designed insulating blankets are fitted, using the latest technology and quality materials. Once we understand your needs, we recommend the materials best suited for your situation – providing exceptional heat and noise control at temperatures up to 2000°F (1100°C). These reusable flexible thermal blankets have proven to be economically attractive in areas, such as valves, strainers and pump that require uninsulated access for maintenance purposes. This type of application is an economical alternative, for the necessary provision of insulation for personal protection.

Benefits of using SA Insulation Blankets:

  • Keeping compartment temperatures within tolerable limits
  • Reducing ambient heat in enclosed spaces
  • Preventing unnecessary water sprinkler set-off from engine heat
  • Reducing fire hazards from flammable liquids and combustible organic material
  • Modular design – reducing cost of replacing damaged parts
  • Controlling noise reduction
  • Prevention of serious burns to workers
  • Vibration resistant